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Our service offers pay-as-you-go options via a point-of-sale terminal at the retailer's counter or through an integrated virtual online terminal system. This service allows retailers to produce refill cards for a customer's prepaid wireless phone on-line in a matter of seconds, without the risks and issues associated with stocking hard/scratch cards.

With Wireless Retail Group, consumers quickly and easily refill their prepaid accounts -- from prepaid wireless phone airtime to prepaid long distance -- at their favorite retail location. The convenience of this electronic transaction is unparalleled.

Today, prepaid is the fastest growing segment in the U.S. wireless industry, supporting 15-17 million prepaid phones. Prepaid users average 1.4 top-ups every month. According to Telcom Services, prepaid revenues are expected to grow from $5 billion to more than $20 billion.
The key word in maximizing the sale of prepaid wireless product is "convenience." The prepaid mobile phone user, when he or she is about to run out of minutes, looks to the closest, most convenient location to refresh their account. They know there is no difference between a Page Plus $25 PIN sold at one store versus another. They need minutes and they need it now! The reality is that ‘if you offer it, you will sell it' -- and you will sell it in large numbers once your customers discover you carry prepaid wireless.

Following are just a sampling of the superb benefits that we provides our merchants

ALL Major Wireless Prepaid Products Available
Our virtual terminal carries ALL of the prepaid cellular brands: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Spot Mobile, Tracfone, Page Plus, Air Voice, Locus, STI Mobile, And More.
No Investment in Inventory Necessary
Pay for PINs after customers pay you.
Elimination of Losses Due to Theft and Fraud
No cards that can be stolen or lost.
No Lost Sales Due to Being "Out of Stock"
Maximize sales volume through our convenient and efficient "never out" product management.
No Long Term Lease or Terminal Rental Fees
No Monthly Fees, No Sign Up fees, ZERO.
Elimination of "Hidden" Costs
By a Wireless Retail Group virtual terminal, time & money spent on purchasing, handling & inventorying cards is eliminated.
Complete Reporting of All Sales Transactions Available
Access to all sales data is available via our state-of-the-art function on our website.
Detailed Sales Tracking Made Possible
Real time reports conveniently available in adaptable formats: by store location, by product, by denomination, and by clerk ID.
World Class Customer Service
Excellent customer service for our customers is the cornerstone of our business.

How easy is it?

  1. You simply enter a user name and password to our website and purchase pins as you please.
  2. Every night a report will be sent via fax showing pin/card sales
  3. Then we ACH the funds for card sales via bank account on file