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Wireless Retail Group is operated by a focused and competent staff led by a senior management of long-term industry professionals. The team's main focus is on performance and customer satisfaction through continuous support starting at point of sale and flowing throughout the entire distribution process. Customer retention and referrals prove our commitment to satisfaction. Our goal is to help your company grow and we achieve this through our leveraged position in the marketplace and our strategic partnerships with wireless service providers.

We are a leading prepaid electronic payments processor. We deliver the most comprehensive array of electronic products and services through our easy-to-use, web-based technology terminal. The company currently supports top-up refill purchases at POS terminals across the entire United States.

Long-term success in the wireless industry is a series of wins, all shrewdly aligned and appropriately leveraged. No company is winning alone. Smart collaborations are driving success, and there is no other collaborator in wireless with the insight, the experience and the infrastructure to equal to Wireless Retail Group.

We are strongly committed to helping our retailers and dealers succeed. Overall we measure our own success, first and foremost, by the success of our customers.

Our robust innovative system provides retailers with a full suite of prepaid solutions including prepaid wireless airtime, prepaid long distance, prepaid international top-up. Using the same terminal technology, we deliver prepaid mobile content, prepaid Internet and electronic transit payments.

Retailers, ISOs (independent sales agents), distributors and agents that partner with us will not only have access to the large national wireless carriers, but also to the multitude of regional carriers as well. We are fast-growing and high-efficiency, with a rapidly evolving network of retailers and distributors that allows us to keep our offerings comprehensive and our rates competitive.

Contact us today, to discuss how our remarkable organization can add value to your brand, your customers, or your distributorship.