Wireless Retail Group is one of the largest mobile phone prepaid pin/top up distributors in North America. We provide you with a vast portfolio of products and services to meet all your wireless replenishment needs. Please view our products page to explore what we have to offer. We have a proven track record backed by our existing customer’s satisfaction and continuously growing customer base.

Our system enables consumers the ability to easily refill their prepaid accounts from prepaid wireless phone airtime to prepaid long distance at their favorite retail location. The convenience of this electronic transaction is unparalleled.

Our service offers pay-as-you-go options via an integrated virtual online terminal system. This service allows you, the retailer to produce refill cards for a customer's prepaid wireless phone on-line in a matter of seconds, without the risks and issues associated with stocking hard/scratch cards.

"Convenience." is the key word in maximizing the sale of prepaid wireless products. When the prepaid mobile phone user is about to run out of minutes they look to the closest, most convenient location to refresh their account. They know there is no difference between a Page Plus $25 PIN sold at one store versus another. They need minutes and they need it now! The reality is that ‘if you offer it, you will sell it' -- and you will sell it in large numbers once your customers discover you offer prepaid wireless refills.

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